Services We Offer

  • Invisalign treatment

  • General dentistry services

  • Teeth whitening veneers

  • Cosmetic dentistry

How We Work

  • Your first consultation is free for Invisalign ,Dental Implants and Smile make over .

  • Routine examinations and hygienist appointments.

  • Patient screening for potential cancers including jaw joint cancers.

  • Learn how to maintain oral health to work towards absolute body fitness.

  • State-of-art equipment and treatment for dental implants, bridges and other services to address issues related to missing teeth.

  • The right cosmetic solutions for damaged or stained teeth, with procedures for teeth whitening, veneers and composite bonding.

  • Reputable dentistry and services for wrinkle reduction, smile makeovers with Invisalign and other dental treatments.

Our experts offer dental implants on Rye Dental Surgery.  We have years of experience in providing services for orthodontic procedures to give you the brightest smile!

If you require the services for Invisalign treatment in East Sussex or general dentistry services in East Sussex, we are your trusted dental service providers.

Does undergoing a dental procedure weigh heavily on your nerves?

Leave your worries to us! We have the expertise to help you get rid of your dental problems in the gentlest manner!

Rye Dental Surgery is a dental practice located in East Sussex. Here at Rye Dental, we endeavour to maintain the highest standards of care and treatment. Our first priority is to look after our patients. Our highly qualified team believes in building trust by listening carefully to the requirements of our patients and then efficiently delivering the required services to them.

Rye Dental Surgery offers an extensive range of treatments under a single roof. Our services are outstanding, yet economical. Over the years, we have successfully built an exceptional and a well-deserved reputation.

Thanks to the collective efforts of our team, our place is now equipped with the latest dental technology. We treat all our patients in a modernised way and try to ensure 100% satisfaction.